Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm so ready for COOL weather!!!!

It's been a few days since I've posted anything, so I figured now was as good of a time as any to catch up on my blog. I haven't really been crafting much lately. Been sick with allergies!!! I HATE this time of year. I can't wait till fall gets here. Oh, how I love fall weather......the leaves change; football season; Thanksgiving; etc. It has just been so hot here lately.

I sitting here quite bored at the moment. My hubby is in Nashville playing golf, and I'm just sitting here and waiting. At least my doggy keeps me company!!! I can't wait till this weekend.....Hopefully I'll get a lot done. I so want to go eat Mexican. I've craved it ever since last week. I'm trying to get my hubby to take me out to eat Mexican on Mother's day. Sure, we don't have any kids.....but my doggy is like a child to me, so yes.....I am a MOTHER!!!!

Well, I gotta go get ready for Oprah!!! I promise to take more initiative with my blog from now on....:) Take care, and I hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!!!

XO Jennifer


Dashery Jewelry & Accessories said...

My aunt had a dog named Gizmo who looked a lot like your Bentley. He was a very sweet doggie. Hope you have a fab weekend!

Kiley said...

Ooooo I hate allergies! I get more crafting done as I can't go outside! Hopefully you get some relief!